• The largest FIFA tournament in Sri Lanka, powered by Gigabyte, is back for a second season, featuring a prize pool over LKR 100,000!

About the Tournament

RLG FIFA 15 Championship

Organized by RLG

Behold the second edition of the RLG FIFA Championship. A FIFA tournament on a scale never before seen in Sri Lanka. Organized by RLG, who brought you tournaments the likes of the recently concluded RLG DOTA 2 Championship which was by far the largest DOTA 2 event in Sri Lanka boasting the largest prize pool for an eSports event as well.

Unmatched Football Experience

Show off your FIFA skills and prepare to brag about it! RLG FIFA 15 Championship will be a new FIFA gaming experience giving you the chance to be crowned FIFA champion in the country!

Powered by Gigabyte

Walk away with fabulous rewards from Gigabyte! Preliminary Rounds will be held at Redline Technologies Flagship Store at Majestic City starting on the 16th of September 2015. The Final Rounds will be held at Crescat Boulevard on the 26th of September 2015, kicking off at 9am.

You have to fight to reach your dream. You have to sacrifice and work hard for it.

- Lionel Messi

After scoring 91 goals in all competitions last year to break a 40-year-old world record held by Gerd Muller, Messi then won FIFA’s world player of the year award for a record fourth year in a row. He recently signed soccer's richest on-field contract.
Official Rules for RLG FIFA 15 Championship

Tournament Rules

Gamer.LK Ranked FIFA Tournament Rules will apply


Competition Method: 1v1
Game Mode: International and Club

At the end of each match, the players must remain seated, remain at the victory/defeat screen and await a referee to record the results and save the replay. Closing the victory/defeat screen without the replay being saved by a referee may result in a default loss.

Player changes and strategy changes are limited to 3 times during the game. (The changes before the start of first and second half are not included in this count.) Group stage

The tournament shall consist of a single elimination tournament. If, after 90 minutes, the game ends in a draw, two extra time periods of 15 minutes each shall be played. If the score remains tied after extra time, penalty kicks, in accordance with the game's procedure, shall be taken to determine the winner.

Team selection: National and Club teams may be selected by the players.

The host and client for each match will be decided by a coin toss.

The following game settings will be used:

  • Mode: Exhibition
  • Level: International
  • Team : Club / Nation
  • Half Time: 6 min
  • Tactics: by default (Only tactics of the game will be allowed)
  • Auto Switching - Manual
  • Auto Switching Move Assistance - None
  • Passing Power Assistance - OFF
  • Pass Assistance - Manual
  • Through Ball Assistance - Manual
  • Shot Assistance - Manual
  • Cross Assistance - Manual
  • Lob Pass Assistance - Manual
  • Save Assistance - Manual
  • Analog Sprint - Player preference
  • Defending - Tactical Defending
  • Injuries: OFF
  • Offsides: ON
  • Defending : Tactical Defending
  • Weather: Default
  • Speed: Normal
  • Radar: 2D
  • Timer: ON
  • Instruction: YES
  • Player indications: NO, unless the two players agree on it
  • Camera: TV Broadcast
  • Extra-time and shoot-outs: extension of two half-time in case of a tie.

Stadium: Any
Weather: Clear / Sunny Day

The teams‟ and players‟ abilities cannot be modified arbitrarily. Graphics and other settings may only be setup through the menu. (Configuration file cannot be used). The allowed resolution is 1024x768x32. Players on both sides must select the options before they begin the game. The match result will be accepted even if the players, during or after the match, find out each others' settings were different from the official settings.

All players who qualify for the finals will mandatorily be required to wear tshirts provided by the Sponsors. Any players unwilling to do so will be disqualified. Players may also be called in for photoshoots and may have to provide interviews at the event.

Disconnection: any connection loss between opponents due to system, network, PC, and/or power problems/issues.
Intentional disconnection: any connection loss between opponents due to a player‟s actions. Upon judgment by the referee, the offending player may be charged with a default loss.
Should a disconnection occur:
1. A referee will confirm the exact score to that point (even if the ball is about to cross the goal line, the goal shall not count), and restart the match.
2. A referee will inform the players on exactly how many minutes must still be played in order to complete the match.
3. Any players sent off the field (red card) shall count as a goal each for the opponent when the match resumes.
4. If the disconnection occurs after a corner kick was awarded to a player, the match will resume with a corner kick for that same player.

The following actions will be considered unfair play:
1. the use of any cheat program
2. an intentional disconnection
3. the use of any settings exceeding the standard and permitted settings
4. any “unnecessary chatting” during the match.
5. clearly allowing one‟s opponent to win a match.
6. if a referee decides that external conditions (Press, Team Leader, Player, Spectator, etc) are giving or have given an unfair advantage to a player, the player may be given a warning or lose by default at the referee‟s sole discretion.
7. unsportsmanlike behavior or, in general, disruptive (e.g., shouting), inappropriate and/or unprofessional actions directed towards another player (even inside the game).
8. the use of a program bug that is determined by the board of referees as being unfair.

“Unnecessary chatting” means any chatting other than the cases listed below:
i. greeting messages between the players;
ii. repeat of “P” to request for a pause during a stage match;
iii. a signal for the loss (i.e.: „gg‟, „GG‟, or any other message that the referee can use to decide the winner);
iv. chatting between players that does not violate the unsportsmanlike behavior clause;
v. any message that the referee can judge as part of the game.

Upon discovery of any player committing any violations regarded as unfair play, the offending player, at the sole discretion of the board of referees, may receive a warning, a forfeit loss or, in extreme cases, be disqualified from the tournament.

The player may request to pause the game by raising his hand. One must be in possession of the ball and be one's own half before requesting to pause the game. After reviewing the reason for a pause, if the referee deems the pause unnecessary the referee may decide to issue a warning or loss by default decision.

The Gamer.LK Tournament Staff are allowed to ignore or overrule any of the above rules in order to make the competition as fair as possible. Teams and participants acknowledge the right for the Gamer.LK Tournament Staff to modify the rules and regulations as and when needed. Such modifications need not necessarily be publicly announced during the progress of a tournament.

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Tournament Venue

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Redline Technologies, #3-52, 3rd Floor, Majestic City, Colombo 4, Sri Lanka

Crescat Boulevard, Kollupitiya, Colombo, Sri Lanka